Dominique Mas Lead With A TWist

Through Lead With A Twist, Dominique Mas shares her belief that self-aware leaders are the key to an ethical, compassionate and connected world. 

Lead With A Twist's goal is to support leaders as they connect their body and their mind to their leadership as well as to create a network of leaders who support each other.

Using brain-based coaching techniques, simple yoga poses, self-reflection and discussions, Dominique Mas helps leaders lead themselves with awareness to lead others with purpose.




Why yoga and leadership?

It seems evident, from the number of well established leaders, artists, celebrities who have sung yoga's praises, that it is an enriching practice which supports our self-development in a wide variety of ways. Below are just a few of its benefits:

  • Your mind is clearer and you are able to focus better
  • You gain confidence
  • You reduce stress in your life
  • You develop social and emotional intelligence
  • You improve relationships both at work and in your personal life
  • You gain flexibility
  • You open your mind to new ways of thinking, bolstering creativity
  • You view each situation objectively, and can make decisions more effectively
  • You build stability and grounding to support others
  • You build resilience and perseverance
  • You build stronger communication skills
 Lead With A Twist, Dominique Mas, Leadership through yoga,educational leadership

Lead Yourself to Lead Others.

    We are all leaders: It is key for all to understand that leadership goes beyond managing and telling others what to do. Leadership is about understanding others, supporting them and bringing out the best in them so that they can realize their potential and in turn, bring out the best in others. So, how do we do that? Well, every single one of our interactions with others changes their mindset... and ours.

    Daniel Goleman* puts it best when he talks about the "three abilities that distinguish the best leaders from average: self-awareness, which both lets you know your strengths and limits, and strengthens your inner ethical radar; self-management, which lets you lead yourself effectively; and empathy, which lets you read other people accurately. You put all those together in every act of leadership." Lead With A Twist workshops and coaching  develop all three of these abilities as you learn to become self-aware in the mind and body, you learn to self-manage and gain or maintain balance and as you learn to gain perspective, you learn to become more empathetic.

    *(Read the full interview here!)

     Lead With A Twist, Dominique Mas, Leadership through yoga, educational leadership

    Remember! Success comes from the inside out!