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Lead with a Twist was founded by Dominique Mas. As a trained leadership expert and life-coach she is dedicated to empowering you to tackle your next steps with clarity.

Dominique is expertly trained in using brain-based coaching techniques. She couples this expertise with yoga nidra and self reflection. With her help you will embark on a deep journey to trust the process and accept your transition. Your time together will result in clarity to formulate a path to embark on your new journey with confidence.

Our company’s mission is to help you discover the possibilities hidden in your blindspots.


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 Dominique Mas - Lead With A Twist Founder


I grew up in the south of France and felt like the world was my oyster: there was more to my journey than just my hometown. With the love and support of my parents, I took a major leap at aged 18 and moved to London, England where I starting teaching.

I quickly fell in love with sharing my knowledge and skills with others.

I knew I wouldn’t stay in London forever as I’ve always been compelled to move around, experience new things, and meet new people.  After 8 years, I moved to Barcelona to work in an international school. I soon found myself in a transitional experience as I took an inspirational trip to Djibouti, East Africa. This was a pivot moment for me as my eyes opened, my horizons widened and I realized I needed to continue to explore new places.

After 2 years in Barcelona, I started my educational leadership career as at the British School Manila and this point in my career is when I realized I found my true calling.  I learned what it means to be part of a creative team of leaders who strive to make their vision come true. After four years in the position, I wondered whether my focus on education was too narrow and I could apply these principles to other sectors. In 2009, I took a year to step away from a corporate environment and traveled to Central America and Bali to deepen my practice of yoga and enjoy some of my favorite hobbies like surfing.

During this year I realized that leadership and learning are fundamental principles that make up my DNA. I then transitioned to  West Island School, Hong Kong. I was able to complete my Leadership and Change MA with the Education University of Hong Kong and felt accomplished.

However, the transition led me once again across the globe to the prestigious Dwight School in New York City. I arrived in the US in August 2013 and in my new role I seamlessly created a leadership program that cohesively brought together teachers from 15 different nationalities to form a team.

After 15 years in educational leadership, I reflected on the transitions I’ve moved through and soon realized these experiences were building towards starting my own private practice for coaching. I decided to jump in and  started coaching individuals as well as planning and facilitating group sessions and workshops to help others develop internal self-awareness.

The thing is, none of these transitions were as seamless as they sound on paper but I kept on going with the tools I’ve learned along the way. As I reflect on my life, I can personally pinpoint the transitions I struggled through that allowed me to reach my next level with confidence.

My journey and calling is now to empower YOU to find clarity for your next steps and provide with the right tools. I will help you see the possibilities hidden in your blindspots and  formulate a path to embark on your new journey with confidence.

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The meaning behind our logo.

A few people have asked about the Lead With A Twist logo. It’s actually one of my favorite stories to share.The logo is comprised of a square and a circle: two simple shapes with a profound meaning.

The square is all about the home, 4 walls: that includes principles of grounding, stability, foundations and safety. The circle is all about movement and the notion of constantly reevaluating and moving forward with your life.

The logo is a reminder for me to be grounded and find stability no matter where I am in the world, in my life, or in my head. Everything around me might be moving and I can still feel centered and grounded.

We opened the circle in the logo and it all became one line because I wanted to recognize that everything I do is interconnected and both movement and stability are necessary for me to keep growing, keep dreaming and keep exploring who I am.

The inspiration for the logo was derived from the tattoo I got when I was 35 years old to keep me grounded and centered as I journey through life.

 Lead With A Twist, Dominique Mas
 Dominique Mas, life coach