Small Group Coaching for Women

Lead With A Twist! Reflect With Your Friends, Grow As An Individual.

Find clarity as you dig deep to understand what works for you. 


Create your own group of 2-5 women and come together for 2 hours in an intimate, supportive and fun environment. 

  • Dig deep through questioning.
  • Create solutions that work for you.
  • Practice Yoga Nidra to encourage introspection.

All sessions are based on brain science coaching techniques because it's not you, it's your brain!

 Lead Yourself With Awareness: Reflect With Your Friends, Grow As An Individual With Dominique Mas 

these sessions do not include movement.

yoga nidra is a deep relaxation technique to take you into a state of meditative consciousness. 

 Lead With a Twist
I participated in the group coaching event and it was really a great experience. I felt safe and comfortable enough to dive deep and learn about new methods I can do on my own that assist me in reaching my personal and business goals. Very thoughtful and informative.
— Natalie C.

Choose from one of the following sessions!


 Lead Yourself With Awareness: Review Change Grow


How often do you operate in your default mode?  How many old physical, emotional or mental patterns no longer serve you?

  • Learn about the way our brain hardwires everything it can.
  • Identify some old wiring and overwrite it by creating new habits that last.
  • Reflect through Yoga Nidra. 

So grateful for Dominique’s magic. She has such a warm spirit and a true ability to guide you in cracking open the tough nuts of CHANGING HABITS. Feel super energized. Thank you!
— Lauren C.

 Lead Yourself With Awareness: Be The Empress Of Your Time

be the empress of your time

Have you ever felt like you're not in control of your time? Have you ever needed to improve your focus? This session will have you reflect on where you can make changes to regain control of your time to do the things you love.

  • Consider 4 types of energy and what boosts and drains it. 
  • Learn to be "in flow", fully focus and perform at your peak.
  • Reflect through Yoga Nidra. 


 Lead Yourself With Awareness: Become a Peacemaker

Become a peacemaker

Since every human is so different, disagreements are inevitable. What truly matters is how we handle them!

  • Learn ways to prevent conflict.
  • Gain strategies to help you and others self-manage when conflict occurs. 
  • Practice breathing techniques to help you regulate your body.
  • Reflect through Yoga Nidra. 

A slow yoga flow and restful poses will help you and reinforce your understanding of the brain's role in handling conflict. 

 Lead Yourself With Awareness: Healthy Mind, Healthy You with Dominique Mas

healthy mind, healthy you

Have you ever felt out of balance: your brain is tired but your body isn't  or you feel exhausted but your brain keeps racing? 

  • Consider the 7 aspects of your life that research proves are necessary for balance.
  • Create an ideal schedule as a reminder of what is needed for optimum mental health in daily life. 
  • Reflect through Yoga Nidra.  

 Small group coaching session in Prospect Park with Dominique 
 Small group coaching session in Prospect Park with Dominique Mas
 Small group coaching session in Prospect Park with Dominique Mas
 Small group coaching session with Dominique Mas in Prospect Park
I had such a wonderful experience at Dominique’s workshop. She is a skilled and gentle guide, radiating warmth while creating a safe container to explore and create change. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in working with a coach who embodies the work she offers.
— Emily Polak, PhD

 Lead Yourself With Awareness:  Own Your Power and gain self-confidence  with Dominique Mas

own your power!

Did you just say "self-doubt"? "Imposter syndrome"? What I heard is "I am giving away my power, help me own it"!

  • Think deeply about your mindset.
  • Start owning your achievements.
  • Create a path to confidence.
  • Reflect through Yoga Nidra. 

 Lead Yourself With Awareness: Live Your Values With Dominique Mas

Live your values! 

Have you ever felt a disconnect between what you do and what you believe? Unfortunately, our behaviors often flow from our environment rather than our values. 

  • Take the time to consider the values that truly matter to you.
  • Consider how you can include those values in different aspects of your every day life.
  •  Learn to feel more whole, and at peace with yourself. 
  • Reflect through Yoga Nidra. 

 Lead Yourself With Awareness: Better Decision Making With Dominique Mas

yes! No... ...maybe

Decisions... decisions... They can be so tough to make! What place do emotions take in the decision-making process? What about logic and rational thinking? 

  • Dig into yourself to identify some of the wiring that influences the way you make decisions.
  • Learn how to take a step back to weigh options.
  • Explore a tool to simplify details for better decision-making.
  • Reflect through Yoga Nidra. 


Dominique’s workshop on Saying Bye Bye to Old Habits left me feeling calm and empowered the entire next week. The small-group format in the park was well-crafted and made us all feel comfortable with one another. Dom shared great strategies for creating actionable steps for change. The workshop ended with a guided Yoga Nidra meditation that was magic!
— Leah Barto

 Lead Yourself With Awareness: Transcend Your Impossibles with Dominique Mas

transcend your impossibles

Have you ever taken the time to truly overcome your limiting beliefs? If not, now is your chance! 

  • Dig into what is stopping you from achieving your goals.
  • Set yourself up for success as you begin to smash your limiting beliefs and soar. 
  • Reflect through Yoga Nidra. 

how it works

 Lead Yourself With Awareness with Dominique Mas. Yoga Collective Studio. 
  • All sessions independent of group size (2-5) includes:
    • All yoga props 
    • Water and light snacks 
  • Possibility to organize sessions in the park in the summer or in your own space 
  • Workshops are organized two weeks in advance. 
  • Workshops can be held in Brooklyn or Manhattan. 
I attended her course in Central Park called say bye bye to old habits. I loved the set up, we were a small group and Dominique made us all feel very comfortable to really speak up about our habits we wanted to change. Dominiques positive and enthusiastic personality just sparks a fire. Her guided meditation at the end through Yoga Nidra was very helpful I felt relaxed but yet aware of my inner world. I met some new amazing people! Very happy and satisfied to have attended this workshop. I started my week with a calmer confidence and feeling more connected to myself away from the stressful lifestyle of NYC. Thank you Dominique
— Sue Skrobak