Dominique's individual coaching FAQ!

Empowerment comes from within!




What is your coaching about?

My coaching is about creating a partnership through which you are empowered. An objective observer, I do not judge or give unsolicited advice. Instead, I push you to clarify your own thinking as you tap into what YOU know is right for you. With me, you will be challenged as you develop on your vision, reframe your mindset, develop your toolkit and soar through creativity.

Through coaching, you make a leap as you begin to see your blind spots. My training as an executive coach with the NeuroLeadership Institute consolidated my understanding of how insights are created to get you out of your comfort zone and make the magic happen!


Why do you use brain science?

Because it's AMAZING! And because, it's good to know that it's not you, it's your brain! If we know how the brain works, we can view ourselves and situations with a little more perspective. While I am by no means a neuroscientist, I use research to help you focus and expand your thinking and focus on finding your own solutions to move forward with your goals.

As we create strategies and actions for each of your goals and continue to explore with flexibility,  you find yourself becoming more and more motivated and reaching levels you didn’t know existed!


Who do you work with?

I work with rebels! My clients are individuals who are ready to make a change, challenge themselves and own their power. They are outstanding leaders and founders in a wide variety of fields. They are willing to take a risk and open new doors for themselves as they recognize that what brought them to where they are now might be stopping them from moving further. Is this you?


What sort of areas do we work on?

Together, we let the rebel in you act up to do what matters to YOU and not give in to societal pressure! We ensure that you allow yourself to step into your own power as you shake off your limiting beliefs. Because my coaching is all about you, I work on very different areas with different people. Some of my clients want to change careers and so, they work on clarity around what they want to build and liberating themselves from the mindsets that are holding them back. Others want to step up to being a transformational leader rather than a manager and they focus on creating their vision and strategy while staying true to their values. Some are focused on gaining clarity around their next step in life so we consider their purpose, values and big impossible dreams.

So, let me ask you... what will you work on?


What are your strengths as a coach?

  1. I am a DOER! I have been through a whole lot of transitions myself: from moving to different countries to starting my own business or jumping into a relationship!  I have a deep understanding of the process of change and growth. I can relate to your emotional process as you learn to listen to yourself and leave some of your old default modes behind to build new ones. I know how much it takes to make space for the new and I will help you, cheer you on and keep you going to make the impossible happen!
  2. I will challenge you! I will push you out of your comfort zone to take risks, express your emotions and views and act on your core beliefs. I will not go over the limit of stretch you can handle and will always be supportive when things get tough.
  3. I use my life and work experience as a leader for many years, my masters in Leadership and Change and my training as a coach to propel you to the next step!
Dominique was super helpful in narrowing down my big questions in manageable chunks by focusing on clear goal-setting. She is professional, encouraging and flexible in her approach. Her positive energy was felt throughout. She allowed me to come to my own insights through thoughtful observations and encouraged me to recognize (and celebrate!) my own progress.
— Valerie

What are the principles of coaching you follow?

I use the principles of the Results Coaching System, established by the NeuroLeadership Institute.


  • Structure

By having a very clear structure to the coaching engagement and to each session, we create a safe environment in which you know exactly what is going to happen.

  • Solution focused

Coaching focuses on finding the best possible outcomes. We consider the long-term and establish your vision as we work bring about real change to the areas of your life you identify as in need of movement.

  • Stretch

Complacency will take you nowhere new and exciting! In order to truly change, we need just the right amount of positive stress and challenge. By asking questions that challenge your thinking, I help you jump into new possibilities.


  • Self-directed learning:

Different factors such as our life experiences, genetic heritage, cultural influences shape the way we think. For this reason, advice that others give us rarely works. In my coaching practice, I help you to find the answers within to ensure that the strategies you work on are right for you.

  • Positive feedback

We know that the brain needs positive reinforcement to keep motivated, and yet, so many of us are so quick to let go and concentrate on what we didn't do well, what we forgot, what we perceive as a failure... This is where I come in! I will help you recognize and celebrate your achievements!


What are the benefits of coaching for leaders? 

The following benefits have been highlighted by some of my clients and a piece of  research by Sally Boneywell in the UK which aimed to specifically highlight how coaching supports the development of women leaders. 


  • Change in leadership style 
  • Change in relationship to managers / supervisors
  • Change in handling and preventing conflict 
  • Change in relationship to power


  • Increase in self-awareness
  • Increase in self-confidence
  • A stronger sense of identity
  • Increase in self-leadership
  • A holistic approach to self !

What if I am not sure that coaching is for me?

What did I hear?  You are ready to try something new? Hehe! My coaching is powerful and not for everyone. You must be ready get out of your comfort zone to soar!

A coaching engagement is a bigger relationship than most people are used to. We work closely together and while you will be challenged. Things sometimes get tough as you move through your blockades, and here is the thing: the rewards are 150% worth it.


I'm determined to make a change! What is my next step?


coaching packages

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6 months.jpg
3 months.jpg
1 month intensive.jpg

Create a vision, full of new possibilities.

Create a strategy to make this vision achievable.

shake of old beliefs that hold you back.

Develop a toolkit to continue to apply all that you learn. 

I had a coaching session with Dominique and was blown away by how just 1.5 hours could make me feel so much more self-aware and empowered. We had a fantastic dialogue and with smart questions and guidance, we worked through something I had been feeling really anxious about and I left feeling inspired and energized.

This is one of the best investments that you can do for yourself and with your time. Highly recommended!
— Candice K

How it all works!

  1. Our relationship starts with a complimentary 1.5 hour call during which we get to know each other.
  2. If we decide to work together, we agree on a package and logistics that work for us both.
  3. We arrange to meet in person (when possible) for our first, 5th and last sessions . Other sessions take place on the phone or Skype.
  4. You go through a challenging process of learning and change that brings you to the next level!


What is included in each package?

All packages: 

  • Access to me by email / text at any time and always a response within 24 hours (except weekends, because it’s healthy to take a break!)
  • Specific actions to be done in between our sessions to create momentum

1 year, 6 months, 3 months:

  • Free access to all Lead With A Twist public workshops / events for the duration of our coaching engagement.

  • Possibility to sign up for office hours after your package ends.

It’s amazing what Dominique can accomplish in even just one session. Working with her gave me renewed clarity, a better understanding of my professional self and a sense of empowerment that I didn’t even realize I was missing. Thank you, Dom!
— Rachel Peterson
I came to Dominique seeking clarity and self-awareness in my love life. I was impressed by her focus, pointed questions and ability to ultimately guide me to the inner clarity and empowerment I was seeking. She is passionate about what she does and applied a variety of different techniques and methodologies, each of which helped me feel empowered to move this area of my life forward. I walked away with a clear sense of the underlying beliefs that were that were holding me back and incredible clarity and specificity on what I need to do and say to guide this area of my life forward. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to catapult their life and personal development to the next level.
— Vanessa Cameron, Founder at iSpark Collective